I am pleased to announce the date for the MFARS Annual General Meeting 2022.
Date: Tuesday 7th June 2022
Time: 7pm for 7:30 start.
Location: Linkwood View, Linkwood Close, IV30 6BF, ELGIN (where we have had surplus sales)
Tea and coffee will be available.
The AGM will be followed by an RSGB video.
AGM Agenda

The agenda for the meeting shall be:

(a)    Notice calling meeting

(b)    Apologies for absence

(c)    Minutes of the previous AGM

(d)    President’s report

(e)    Secretary’s report

(f)     Treasurer’s report

(g)    Election of the new Committee

(h)    Motions made in advance of calling the meeting may be added here

(i)      Set the membership subscription for the following year

(j)      Any other competent business


Nominations for Society officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) should be made in writing to the Secretary no later than seven days prior to the AGM and will only be valid if confirmed by the nominee at the meeting or previously in writing. Where insufficient nominations have been received prior to the meeting nominations may be made at the AGM.

Nomination for other committee members may be made at the AGM.


and just a reminder of the Committee Positions/Roles.

(a)    A President

The President shall not vote on matters at the AGM, any EGM, and Committee meetings but will only vote in the event of a tied vote of the members present including proxy votes held by those members attending.

(b)   A Chairman who will be responsible to the members for

(i)               Chairing all committee meetings, the AGM and any EGM

(ii)              Convene/Organise annual programme of events

The Chairman shall only have a casting vote.  This casting vote shall only be used if the President is not present

(c)    A Secretary who will be responsible to the members for

(i)               Keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Society

(ii)              Ensuring that all correspondence is correctly handled

(iii)             Maintaining a master roll of members and honorary members

(d)   A Treasurer who will be responsible to the members for

(i)               Keeping the Society’s accounts

(ii)              Advising the Secretary of joining members

(iii)             Advising the Committee on all financial matters

(iv)             Preparing the accounts for presentation at the AGM

(e)    A Station Manager who will be responsible to the members for

(i)               Correct use of club equipment

(ii)              Safe keeping of club equipment

(iii)             Maintaining an Inventory of equipment

(iv)             Correct usage of club call signs

(f)     Committee Members

The AGM may elect a further committee member to aid with running of the club.

(g)   Co-option

In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Committee, the Committee may co-opt a member to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.